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Working on my comic's story line...

I have had this idea for a while now, and recently made my first sketch for one of the characters a few days ago.

I don't know where I should start so please forgive me newbie ness in this post.

I'm a big fan of Pokémon and Nintendo games ( like Zelda and Mario... ) and I’ve played a lot of custom rom hacks for Pokémon and liked how most had a new story and as I played them I kept seeing ideas for making short comics / manga and then maybe in the far future if the comics / manga turn out, maybe short animations. So right now I’ve been thinking of starting with Pokémon because I really like it. And I think it would be a great start for some good practice on drawing, we all have to start somewhere and I don’t plan on it being very big till I get some good practice in and then redo sketches on the computer and color them. I’m kind of concerned if making a Pokémon comic/manga is okay, or if I need permission first, because I’m not going publish it right away, just something I want to do and maybe if my friends like it enough and if I had the money and if it was okay/legal to get it published then maybe I would.

What im currently thinking of is just making it a digital comic like in the format of pdf, and free to view, that way i'm not making any money off it and should be okay there, plus its a great way to see if people like the art and story...

So that’s the drawing project I’d like to work on and was just wanting some feedback on my ideas and to see if anyone would be interested in joining me in creating it.

Just looking for a few things:

maybe some partner(s), help, some advice, comments and or thoughts.

Anyone willing to help me develop the story, i have a google doc that i can share and work together on and develop the story more... Like right now i have all these ideas and a start, but need help organizing them into sentences/story

I was reading the rules before I posted so I hope I am posting this in the right place, it looked like it was unless I misread it.

Please no flaming, just helpful comments if you are going be mean or swear at me please just keep that to yourself and if you have to say something just please in a non-vulgar way tell me what I did wrong.

if you are interested note me please.

Thanks ;) (Wink)

Looking for some one who can draw in Sugimori Style...

I'm makinging a storycomic and the three main characters I was looking to get a commission of the three of them, and I was gonna put them on a page and have their backgroundbio next to their image...

Anyone interested?
manga eyes homework by Kai-Yatsu
manga eyes homework
i was assigned to do 3 pages of eyes for my sensei, cause i told him i always get stuck on the eyes...


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Blue, blue Blue!!!!!!!

I love Pokemon and pokemon trainer drawings, note me if you are looking for some work.

Graphic Design Commissions

Sun Mar 3, 2013, 10:22 AM
Commission info

[**PhotoShop and Dreamweaver**]


Will Not Do's:

-       No Adult Explicit Content.

Webpage Prices

- One Page : 50 USD [1024x728]
- 5 Page : 200 USD [1024x728]
Logo Prices

- Standard 2D Logo: 25 USD [500x500]
- ... -

HTML/CSS Coding:

- One Page: 25 USD
- Website 5+ Pages: 125+ USD
- - Note depending on complexity of coding wanted on the pages, the prices may vary significantly...

How to order

1. Send me a note with the title 'Graphic Design' and including details of what you are looking for.
2. I will confirm your order and send the total amount of price and way for payment back.
3. I will be start working after I received first milestone.
4. I will let you know after I finished work. I will send you the original file in PSD, .PNG, and .JEPG 300 dpi.


- paypal only


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I love Pokemon and pokemon trainer drawings, not me if you are looking for some work.
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